cklogo  2015/16 Reservation Application

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Office PH: 440-822-3912 · FAX: 440-822-3914



Please Fill Out and Return Promptly – To Reserve Your Spring Dockage/Rack Storage/Campsite

Customer Information:

Name: ___________________________________________Phone: ______________________Cell: _____________________

Address: __________________________________________ City: _______________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Boat:               Check here if all information is the same as last year.

Make: ________________________________ Model: __________________________________ Color: __________________

Name of Boat: _________________________________Year: _____ Length O/A: _______ Registration No.: ________________

Hull Identification Number:                                                                                                                                              _________   


Make: _____________________________________ # Axle's: _________ Color: _________________ Plate#: ______________


Make: ______________________ Model: ______________ Year: ______ Color: _________________ Plate#: ______________







 A   - WALK TO DOCK: Docks 43-72 & 76, 95-161, A,B,C

$33/ft x _____ft =$_________

Reserve Dock#: ______



$51/ft x _____ft =$_________

Reserve Dock#: ______


 A   -  DRIVE TO DOCK: Docks 3-36, 186-240 D,E,F

$43/ft x _____ft =$_________

Reserve Dock#: ______



$61/ft x _____ft =$_________

Reserve Dock#: ______


 B   -  RACK: Summer Indoor Storage up to 26’

$48/ft x _____ft =$_________

Plus 6.5% Sales Tax


 B   -  RACK: Summer Indoor Storage OVER 26’

$51/ft x _____ft =$_________

Plus 6.5% Sales Tax


 C   -  RACK: Year Round Indoor Storage up to 26’

$66/ft x _____ft =$_________

Plus 6.5% Sales Tax


 C   -  RACK: Year Round Indoor Storage OVER 26’

$69/ft x _____ft =$_________

Plus 6.5% Sales Tax


 CAMPSITE: Waterfront Campsite, Limited Space


Plus 6.5% Sales Tax




Plus 6.5% Sales Tax


 JETSKI DOCKAGE:  Call Marina Office for reservation

$475 Plus 6.5% Sales Tax/Season

Reserve Dock#: ______


*YI & YO Year Round Packages Include Dockage, Winter Storage, Year Round Outdoor Trailer Storage.  (Plus 6.5% Sales Tax)

Footage of boat will be based on what your title states is the vessels O/A length rounded up to the next full foot.

There is a 20’ minimum charge for any vessel being docked or racked.  PLEASE NOTE: You will be sent a 2015/2016 Spring Rental Agreement when your Reservation Application & a copy of your title and/or registration are accepted by Copper Kettle Marina. No vessel will be launched or placed in the rack building until full payment is received.  A $10 late fee will be charged for payments received after each due date.



    EZ Pay Program - Minimum $200 Deposit**1/3 of balance due FEB 15th, MARCH 15th, and final payment on APRIL 15th IMPORTANT NOTE: To take advantage of the EZ Payment Program you MUST supply your Credit/Debit Card information.  Checks and Cash are not accepted with the EZ Payment Program.  If Credit/Debit Card information is not supplied your space will NOT be reserved.

10% Discount - Given for Payments Made In Full by no later than January 15, 2015 - NO EXCEPTIONS (Trailer Storage and Jet Ski Dock pricing are Not Included in the 10% discount.)  

Method of payment:    Cash       Check    Credit Card:   Visa      MC      Discover

Credit Card #__________________________________________________________Expiration: ________________Code: _______________

Cardholder’s Signature _______________________________________________________________Date: ___________________________

By signing I authorize any additional payments due above to be posted/debited automatically on or after said due date(s).  Minimum payments not received by the due date(s), shall forfeit any reservations and payments made with said space, then made available to those on Copper Kettle Marina waiting list.  All deposits/payments are non-refundable.